About us

NLroute is an initiative of creative professionals from diverse disciplines: Pnina Avidar (architecture), Saline Verhoeven (landscape architecture), Tatjana Trzin (architecture), Lennart Graaff (process and organization), Irma Bannenberg (graphic design), and Ulli Fischer (journalist and writer).


We read Netherlands with foreign wondering eyes. And through what we see we understand the Dutch completely - by taking a good look at their landscape.  

It has become clear to us that, while Dutch were busy making their land, the land formed them, silently but to the core.  

One almost becomes envious of the landscape that forces them to collaborate, plan well, be creative, take action, listen and observe, correct errors, boldly go. The Dutch know: there is always a solution.

We want to show that to the world.

Everyone should visit the Netherlands and have a good 360ยบ look around. Inspiration is guaranteed..