Boots and Roots

PART 7   Apeldoorn – Holten 

Part 7 of the route is the area bounded by the Regge River to the east, the Drenthe province to the north, the IJssel River to the west, and the national park Sallandse Heuvelrug to the south. This area includes three of the six historic-geographical regions in the province of Overijssel: Dedemsvaart and Vecht district, Salland, and the IJssel Valley - an area with a rich variety of landscapes.

Reading the Landscapes in this Area
Characteristic to this area are the meandering waters and the small scale of the landscape. While the one is the remaining trace of the last Ice Age (including Sallandse Heuvelrug), the last is the direct result of man’s intervention. Chains of small villages and castles, dating from the Middle Ages and the reclaimed moorlands were, and still are, the ingredients for social, cultural and economical innovations.

Travel Information

Boots and Roots
Apeldoorn - Holten

35,6 KM

Koningsbelt, +75 NAP. 

Venerij de Koekoek -3 NAP.


39 min





2 Stamps in part 7
Climb the tower and count the stair treads

Stay Do See


With a surface of just 4 x 4 square meters the Cube offers everything an open minded traveller with feel for design and comfort could wish for.
The Cube is a bright open space with large windows on every side. The ceiling is transparant so you can watch the stars at night. Go all the way up to the roof, which can be reached from the stairs hidden in the shower. Up on the terrace there’s a great view of the harbour and churches of the downtown area.


From 1382 on, one of the largest Dutch estates, Vilsteren, has been modeled by its noblemen owners according to their needs and the contemporary fashion. The French and English landscaping are just some of the highlights. Treat all your senses to this living book of the times past. Meet the extraordinarily tight community in the village that has always belonged to the estate.


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