Boots and Roots

Follow the footprints of a dinosaurs along the oldest inhabited land in The Netherlands. See “manicured landscapes” and agriculture  aristocrats and farmers.

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Dutch Light Route

Water in the Netherlands is ever present, both as an inspiration and a potential threat. The inspiration of the water is reflected in the paintings of the Dutch Masters, yet the hazards of the water are inscribed in the landscape through the system of dikes and hillocks.

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Places of Fatigue

Visit the Dutch deserts, the sublime aesthetics of dehydrated and abandoned landscapes. In the densely populated Netherlands there is also room for wilderness.

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Sea Level Route

The zero line diagonally dividing Dutch territory – high and dry/ low and damp. View the landscape that is the cradle of Dutch Calvinism.

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Ice Age Secrets

Giant rocks from Norway, hidden islands a quest for the treasures from the Ice Age.

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Dutch Nile Route

The Dutch waters, covering sixteen percent of the country’s area, form a network of trade and innovation. Follow this line connecting the north with the south.

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Scratch the Surface

Dutch soil is the raw material from which we make our landscape. Along this route you can view the variety and what we do with it.

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Revealing the Netherlands

When it comes to the Dutch landscape, nothing is what it seems to be.
Paradoxically enough, with no mountain in sight, moving mountains is a common practice in the Netherlands. For centuries the Dutch land, rivers and shores have been drained, reclaimed, raised, dug up, put under water, dried out, shored up, channeled, and parceled.

Dutch landscape is a collective art, telling us stories of survival, domestication and inventiveness. It is the matrix, the terra firma of Dutch culture and traditions, and the key to understanding the people and their land.  

The Dutch made the land and the Land made the Dutch. NLroute lets you experience this wonder.   

NLroute is a bundle of seven routes through the Dutch landscape, showing you the way in the landscape and its relation to the basic DNA of Holland. NLroute will take you from the beaten paths, let you immerse yourself in extraordinary landscapes, striking places and startling contrasts. NLroute  reveals the essence, the context and the patterns of the Dutch landscape.

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