Lemelerberg and Archemerberg

Lemelerberg and Archemerberg Mountains? In the Netherlands? The Lemelerberg, and the 78m high Archemerberg, are two large, connected hills and a nature preserve. They are a moraine formed by the sand, gravel, and rocks dragged down from Scandinavia and deposited here by an ice age glacier. Local flora and fauna are so rare that 10 hectares of forest are being cut down to allow the area’s original sandy landscape to make a comeback. Not only are there small dunes far from the coast, but unparalleled panoramas from the hilltops.
Thick mists bob between the black tree trunks. Leaves gently rustle like the voices of women. Could these be the mythical Witte Wiev’n, or White Women, making mischief in the fog? Fear not, lost soul. Some Witte Wiev’n are wise and have a gift for prophecy. Query the winds about your future. Others are evil witches, apparitions in the mist, whose shades appear to confuse lost souls. Even today locals call the thick mists clutching to the trees -Witte Wiev’n.