National park Sallandse Heuvelrug

150,000 years ago, Scandinavian glaciers carved out this region of broad hills, once the beach of a prehistoric sea. This region is as close to wildernis as Dutch nature gets. Endangered black grouse roam the heaths, chased by foxes, polecats and weasels. Dogs run off-leash. Blooming heather turns the hills into waves of magenta and violet in August and September.  

To the non-Dutch eye, these hills aren’t exactly majestic in height, but their undulations and sandy ground cause small creeks to form. The waterways ramble cleanly down into ground where they are an important local source of water.

2000 STARS
There is so little light pollution that you can actually see up to two thousand stars with the naked eye. The Forestry Commission has made use of this for the Netherlands unique situation by placing an observatory and planetarium on the hills, that is open to the public.

Buitencentrum Sallandse Heuvelrug
Grotestraat 281
7441 GS, Nijverdal

Natuurdiorama Holterberg
Holterbergweg 12
7451 JL, Holten

Informatieschuur De Pas
Oude Deventerweg